Casino Guides

Roulette Guide

The history of roulette dates back to 400 years and since then it has become the most popular table game. It is not clearly proven, but it is believed that the game has its origin from the wheel of fortune.

Blackjack Guide

The origin of blackjack history is one of the most controversial points in the history of all gambling games. Some say that the game traces its roots to the French game „vingt-et-un“ (21), which was popular in French casinos in the 17th century.

Baccarat Guide

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games in the world and is surprisingly popular despite the introduction of newer games in the last few centuries. Legend traces the game back to the Italian gambler Felix Falguerein, although the true originator of the game is not known for sure.

Casino Guides – Expand your knowledge

Many beginners who are new to the online casino world or even completely new to „casino“ should definitely read through certain casino guides, for preparation. A certain focus on where does this game come from, who invented it and how does it work is given in every casino guide Basically, these casino guides are very simple and structured.

Many players know the classic table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, as these have existed in the gambling world for ages, long before online casinos. However, in online casinos, these „classic“ table games have been somewhat refined and even improved.

Tips & More

  • Read casino guides to expand or share your own knowledge
  • Apply possible tactics or tips
  • Never play senselessly

You should not just play without knowing how a game works. We advise to always read a casino guide to avoid higher losses, because the game fun should always remain in the foreground. Despite all this, a good casino guide is important to gather certain knowledge that you may not have had before.

Be it tricks in roulette, how to play blackjack to have the highest chance of winning or how to bet in baccarat. Of course, these casino guides do not refer to how to always make a profit in the online casino, only how to play best. But not only at table games there are tips, but also at the slot games or slot machines.

These can also be found in online casinos and there are tips there as well. Of course, this is all based on probabilities, as no one can predict what image will come next or what win. We at JJ-Casino advise that in most cases, your gut feeling is really the best.

First Learn & Then Play

Before starting to play, certain arrangements should be made. Namely, what would I like to play, be it slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat or general live casino? What budget do I have at my disposal? And the most important of all questions that should be asked, where should I play? In this case, the „what“ and „where“ is the most relevant thing that interests the player the most.

Every casino player is different, one likes more slots and the other more blackjack. Find your game what especially brings you a lot of fun and you feel comfortable. Because if you don’t know what to play, you might make a bad decision and lose money that you could actually avoid.

We at JJ-Casino can recommend every online casino that is listed with us with a clear conscience. Should you still have questions about casino guides, or even online casinos, do not hesitate and ask them. Because with a healthy and massive knowledge you are better off. If you are unsure, we recommend that you start with small amounts of money or no money at all, to test your playing habits.

If you are looking for free spins or even bonuses, we would recommend you to take them to test firstly the casino and secondly your playing behavior. We recommend setting a fixed limit to avoid massive money losses and to start safely in the online casino world.