Evolution launches Gold Bar Roulette

Evolution launches Gold Bar Roulette

Evolution Gaming: Gold Bar Roulette

On July 27 Evolution Gaming announced a new live casino game. This is the live casino game Gold Bar Roulette. To this end, it is directly announced that players will have control over the game, as well as more entertainment and at the same time more rewards and winnings will be awarded. But how can players gain more control in Gold Bar Roulette? In other live casino games from Evolution Gaming, multiplier numbers have been randomly selected.

But in Gold Bar Roulette, players can choose their own “lucky numbers” each round to gain more control over the actual game. You can also choose the size of the multipliers for your winnings. In Gold Bar Roulette, each time you win, you can win additional Gold Bars with certain multipliers.

You can use these for later game rounds and thus challenge your own luck. Each gold bar has a x88 multiplier and can be used on any straight up bet. Thus, one can achieve much higher winnings to get a big payout later. However, if you only want to collect Gold Bars, this is also possible. All Gold Bars remain stored in the player account for 180 days. Of course, you can stack your own Gold Bars on top of each other to get an even higher profit. However, normal chip bets and gold bar bets are separated.

Despite all this, there are still many options open here to be able to make a lot of winnings. Evolution Gaming has also done a lot right with the studio. The game environment strongly resembles a gold bar vault. This is integrated into the actual game. Because here it is shown how many gold bars can be won in a round.

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, said: “Having witnessed the amazing popularity of our Lightning Roulette game, we know there is an appetite for unique Roulette games that add extra suspense, entertainment and potential for big payouts. We also know how much players love big multipliers, so for Gold Bar Roulette we thought why not go a step further and give the player more control—why not let the player choose what numbers will pay big – and how big the payout should be?”

Haushalter added: “In Gold Bar Roulette, the golden wheel and Gold Bar vault environment is spellbinding. Players just love it when the number of Gold Bars that can be won is revealed, and then having the freedom to stack high their won Gold Bars on their own lucky number or numbers. The Gold Bars offer the chance of some big, multiplied wins—depending on how players choose to use their Gold Bars it’s possible to reach multiplied payouts as high as 10,000x or even double that!


Evolution Gaming: Facts

Evolution Gaming has been the undisputed number 1 in online live casino entertainment for years. With a huge live games portfolio, Evolution Gaming has managed to become the number 1 choice for players worldwide.

With Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and many game shows, Evolution Gaming is also in our eyes, the best entertainment of live casino games. Famous game shows like Monopoly Live and Crazy Time have given Evolution Gaming even more recognition and greatness.

Evolution Gaming: Gold Bars Roulette Conclusion

There has never been anything like it. A live roulette game where players had more control over the game than ever before. We really like the fact that players can collect these “Gold Bars” and bet them as they wish. With a remarkable multiplier of x88, very large winnings can be achieved. Especially because you can stack Gold Bars on top of each other for even higher winnings. “Todd Haushalter” also talked about winning up to 10,000x and higher in his comment.

We at JJ-Casino find the gameplay of Gold Bars Roulette more than just good. Players get a right to participate in how the game goes and can achieve very high winnings by collecting Gold Bars and of course some luck. Even for players who don’t play high stakes, very high winnings are possible here. We look forward to more from Evolution Gaming and hope to see many more cool games.

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