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Get Free Spins in Online Casinos

Getting free spins at online casinos is very easy. In our listings of all online casinos, free spins are usually always included. So it makes the search for free spins very easy. It works the same as with the casino bonus itself. You just have to pick an online casino where free spins are offered with or without deposit and make a deposit there. Make sure that free spins are really specified in the welcome bonus.

If this is the case, the free spins will be credited to the player’s account. These can be found either in one slot or slot machine or in several. After the deposit, these are now unlocked and you can play them with a predetermined stake and number of game rounds. The winnings must usually always be converted. This turnover usually runs to 20 times or even 30 times. Thus, it is an additional extra gift what online casinos gives out for their players.

What does Free Spins mean?

Free spins are nothing more than free spins in a certain slot or slot machine in the online casino. But why are there free spins at all? Free spins serve primarily as an advertising tool for online casinos to draw attention to themselves. Large casino bonus offers with additional free spins always look very attractive to many players. Free spins can be found in well-known slots like Book of Dead, Starburst, Dead or Alive 2 or others.

But for what reason are many free spins mostly found in Book of Dead? Quite simply, free spins in Book of Dead are the first choice for many German players. Many players know this slot well and know what can be won. The entertainment factor is also well designed. Since you play for free and can pay out the winnings after implementing the associated conditions.

What are the types of Free Spins?

There are, as of today, a total of 2 types of how free spins can look. Here we have the free spins in the welcome bonus, i.e. with deposit, and free spins that can be obtained after registration or verification, i.e. without deposit. But why are there 2 types of free spins at all. Well, online casinos use, as described above, free spins as a promotional tool to draw attention to their own product or online casino.

For example, when a new online casino opens, it often happens that this advertise with free spins without deposit. For the simple reason that many players naturally register in this online casino. As a note here, always note that it is an online casino with a reputable license, because without a serious or no license, it may happen that this online casino will not pay out any winnings from free spins.

What are free spins without deposit?

Getting free spins without making a deposit is something nice. Just get free spins, play them, wager and cash out, great. But how does this work exactly? First, each player and visitor must select a casino in the upper listing of all online casinos, which suits him exactly. If this is done, the player must now register with his first and last name, email and home address.

Once this is done, a verification process is usually still set in motion. This process is usually completed via an SMS code to the cell phone or email address. Now you will receive a code that you have to enter for verification. The player account should now be fully verified. The free spins without deposit should now be activated in the slot itself. Open the slot and see if the free spins are available there.

If the free spins do not appear immediately in the slot, please check your player account. Most of the time they are still hidden in your player account under “My Bonuses” or other. If they can’t be found there either, you need to contact the live chat support, they will add the free spins now in any case. So no matter what, the free no deposit free spins will be posted in any case.

After the free spins have been played, they must be wagered. In some online casinos it is even the case that free free spins are offered and these can be paid out immediately without turnover, just not in all. The turnover, as already described above, usually always runs to 20 times or 30 times before a withdrawal can be made. Thus, you can gladly try your luck in other slots to cope with the turnover.

If the turnover is managed, a payout can be made. But how much can you withdraw with free spins without a deposit? Online casinos have nothing to give away. Therefore, free spins without deposit are always limited to a maximum win. This usually runs from 100€ up to 500€. But now there are even in some online casinos no more restrictions on the maximum payout in free spins without deposit. Here again an example of how free spins without deposit can look:

  • 20 Free Spins in Book of Dead with registration

What are Free Spins with deposit?

Free spins with a deposit are usually always found, as already described above, in a welcome bonus. In many online casinos, there are now only free spins instead of a casino bonus for the first deposit. We explain exactly what to do to get his free spins. As in the free spins without deposit must first be selected an online casino in the upper lists.

Provided that this is done, the registration with first and last name, e-mail address, cell phone number and residential address must now follow. Again, the player account must now be fully verified. This is done through an SMS code or email address code that is automatically sent by the selected online casino. Now this code must be entered in the player account and the player account is fully verified.

Next, select the welcome bonus with said free spins. Now your desired payment method with which you want to make your deposit. After completing the deposit, the free spins are now activated and can be found in the said slot of the welcome package. If not, you have to either look under “My Bonuses” or contact the live support, just like with the free spins without deposit.

But what are the turnover conditions? The conversion of the free spins is as follows. After the free spins have been successfully played, they must be converted. Again, we are already aware of reputable online casinos where there are no turnover requirements for the free spins. But if there are turnover conditions, these run on 30 times up to 40 times before a withdrawal can be made. Here is another example of how free spins with deposit can look like:

  • 200 Free Spins with deposit in Book of Dead

What are Free Spins in Promotions?

In addition to the free spins without and with deposit, there are other promotions from many online casinos. In these, free spins are advertised on certain days in a promotional slot. But how do you get them? You have to look closely at the other promotions, which can also be found in our casino reviews. For example, in an online casino you get 50 free spins in the slot Starburst from Netent every Tuesday.

But how do you get them? As a rule, a casino bonus code must always be entered. This menu can usually always be found in the deposit area. That is, before a deposit is made on a particular day, the bonus code must be entered there. After the deposit is made, the free spins will be credited. If the free spins cannot be found immediately in the slot machine or slot, you have to check your own player account settings.

These can be found under “My Bonuses” or other. If nothing can be found there either, the live support must be contacted here as well. This will point out where the free spins can be found or book them manually to the player account. Now the free spins are available and can be played in a predetermined stake as well as number of free spins. Of course, these must be wagered after the free spins are completed.

The turnover here is limited to 30 times up to 40 times. Of course, this can also be done in various other slots or slot machines. Open your favorite games and try to convert the winnings from the free spins now. If you are lucky enough to make the turnover and win even more, you can now make a payout. A maximum payout for this is usually unusual, since a deposit was also made to get the said free spins. Here is another example of how free spins can look like in a promo:

  • 100 Free Spins in Book of Dead with the code: Tuesday100

Do Free Spins always have turnover requirements?

Yes and No. As described above, welcome bonuses or promotions include free spins with a deposit. Normally, these must also always be converted. The turnover requirements for free spins always run from 20 times up to 50 times before a withdrawal can be made. But this is not always the case. We ourselves, have already seen some online casinos where there is neither a maximum payout nor turnover requirements.

In free spins that do not require a deposit, virtually after registration, certain turnover conditions must always be met. These are, as described above, also always maximized with a certain amount to pay out and must be implemented. If this happens can be paid out. Often it also happens that online casinos contact active players by e-mail or SMS and provide them with free free spins. These are usually always added by a promo bonus code or live support.

Can I trust the Casino Free Spins on BonusJungle?

Yes, we always try to select only the most reputable casino offers such as online casinos for our players and visitors. On you will always find up-to-date listings of online casinos with the best free spins. Also many exclusive free spins that are not offered anywhere else can be found on BonusJungle. If you find an error on this page or in our online casino reviews, you are welcome to point it out using the comment function.