The Best Online Casino Bonuses

The Best Online Casino Bonuses


Online casinos and their casino bonuses

Who is interested in a casino bonus, should definitely take advantage of it. A casino bonus serves first to offer the player a longer gaming fun and to maintain the mood. But of course you must not forget that such a bonus is tied to certain turnover conditions or a wager.

It is also no secret that the online casino usually has a house advantage. But of course, with a little luck, you can multiply your bet by a larger. Who would like to play longer and actively in an online casino, should always take a bonus to make his game first more exciting and secondly more interesting.

A casino bonus is so interesting because it doubles, triples or even quadruples the player’s deposited money. If a casino bonus is claimed, it must be ensured that the respective or selected online casino has an MGA, Curacao or UK gaming license. Once one has claimed his first casino bonus in an online casino, whether it is sports betting, live casino or directly in the online casino, the respective player will come back in most cases.

Many online casinos advertise with free spins or bonus without deposit to grant the respective customer or player a nice stay. To do this, a reputable online casino offers a loyalty program, where the player has certain advantages over others who have played only once in this online casino. Among other things, these are distinguished by different ranks such as bronze, silver or even gold.

But also level systems are very popular in many online casinos and are often used. The more often an online casino also provides the player so a new casino bonus. This usually takes place on special occasions, such as Easter or Christmas. However, all 4 seasons should also be considered, as it can always be that an online casino holds a gift for its players. Email or SmS refine this to tell the player directly when a new casino bonus is available.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are several types of casino bonuses, such as the sticky or non-sticky bonus. Both are very attractive and are popular to claim. A sticky bonus is when you have claimed a bonus in an online casino and lose or win your bet with every spin or spin in a slot or game. This is also very important to know, it does not matter if you lose or win in a spin, the wager or turnover decreases with each selected spin.

The advantage of this is that you start directly the, amount you have to convert, directly. As a rule, a turnover of 20 times to 40 times for the deposit and bonus. However, there are exceptions where only the bonus amount must be wagered until you can make a withdrawal. A non-sticky bonus has a different procedure. As with the sticky bonus, you make a deposit and claim the chosen bonus.

But here you first play with the real money amount you deposited. If you can make a profit directly at the beginning, it is possible for the player to make a withdrawal directly. But if one should come into the amount of bonus money, the amount must be converted, depending on the turnover conditions or Wager what the respective online casino specifies.

But why these differences between sticky and non-sticky bonus. This is an important point the online casinos fundamentally different. In some online casinos, the casino bonus is a sticky or non-sticky bonus. If you do not know what kind of bonus it is in the selected online casino, you can ask in the respective customer support or customer service via email or live chat. To be on the safe side, you can read the reviews to have a good start in the world of online casinos.

Casino bonus with free spins

Those who prefer to focus on free spins instead of a casino bonus, can do this in many online casinos. Many online casinos offer to the selected casino bonus also many free spins in the respective welcome package. Free spins are therefore so interesting, because you can also make a big profit in these and win without having made a deposit.

A casino bonus is usually offered with associated free spins, the number differs because not every online casino offers the same welcome package. Free spins without deposit is one of the most popular methods to attract players or customers, because you can look at the interface, structure and the exact casino bonus closer.

Many online casinos also offer the player the opportunity to receive trophies and bonuses while you play. This has the advantage that you get free spins that often do not even involve a turnover or Wager. It is so appealing because the player is virtually „gifted“ and thus feels good all around. Online casinos usually offer a VIP or loyalty program, where the player can prove himself.

So if you like to play and do not want to miss out on free spins, you should always consider and take advantage of such offers. For players who like to play free spins, which are also free, we at JJ-Casino can recommend this to you with a clear conscience.

Casino Bonus for High Roller

What many online casinos are currently tackling is for certain players to provide a high roller casino bonus. Who would like to deposit a higher amount can do this with a chosen casino bonus gladly. High rollers can be a lot of fun with a casino bonus.

Online casinos currently offer on many platforms a new method of playing and entertainment, namely the direct deposit without making a registration. The deposit option on these platforms is usually a bank transfer or Trustly, where the player can directly load money. Provided that one would prefer to enjoy so his game, this can do on various online casinos.

Furthermore, the player receives a weekly 10% cashback for his deposits made without any conditions or desweiteren. We also point out here that if you choose higher stakes should not claim a bonus, because in most online casinos it is common that a maximum stake of € 5 is prescribed.

If you exceed this, it may be that an online casino refuses to pay out, because you have violated the specified terms and conditions. Here we would have an online casino as an example, where you can choose despite a casino bonus, the stake as you want and that is the Platincasino. Who does not know it yet, it should look at this particular case possibly a little closer.

Online casinos with free spins without deposit

Many casinos offer free spins, so that customers can also have gaming fun completely free of charge. The offer here is large and the providers try to lure players with generous free spins in the casino. We find this offer very good, because it is free and you can get a small impression of the site.

We have listed some of these sites for you and explained more about the whole thing. Have fun with the free spins. A good way especially for new players to try out a casino are the free spins, which you get directly without a deposit. Here you only have to register and get free spins on certain slot machines, which you can play immediately.

These free spins are preset with lines and bets, so you don’t have to do anything else but press the spin button of the slot machine. The collected winnings from the free spins are usually added to the bonus balance on the casino account. As we have already written in our casino bonus review, this bonus credit is also linked to „turnover conditions“.

Who wants to read through this again in detail, can look at our report on „Casino Bonus“. However, most of the time free spins conditions are far below the deposit bonus conditions. For example, if we win € 5 through the free spins and the casino says they have to be wagered 10 times, then we have to wager a total amount of € 50 and can pay out this amount in full. But there are also casinos that offer free spins winnings without turnover conditions.

These are then immediately available on the account and you can continue to play as you like. These types of free spins are a great way to get a few rounds in a casino without having to deposit a single euro. If you manage to land a lucky strike, you can even win triple-digit amounts without having deposited anything. In any case, you should try your luck in such casinos because you have nothing to lose.

Online casinos with no deposit bonus

Who wants to test an online casino without risk on its reliability and the gaming experience, can play without even taking a risk in online casinos that give you money without what you deposit for it. Exactly at this point, many online casinos have thought that they want to give their customers the opportunity to try out the casino at their expense.

Which customer would not accept the offer to test a product extensively without having to pay anything. Especially for new players, this is the opportunity to try out a casino without charging their bank. As you can read it from the headline, you get in the said casinos money without deposit.

This is to be able to test the casino risk-free and get an overview of the game offer. So you can look whether you feel good in the casino or not and could decide, then, whether you would continue to play here. A mere registration on the site is already sufficient and you get your free credit directly credited to his casino account.

But as with the other bonuses we have thematisiert, you must also meet the turnover conditions here to be able to pay out a profit. So if you win something with the free money and the turnover conditions say that you have to wager the winnings 20 times, then you have to multiply the amount won by 20 and wager the amount in the casino. After that, you can withdraw whatever is left.

An example to illustrate: 5 € through the winnings with free credit must be wagered 20 times. Means 5 € x 20 = 100 €. So you have to play 100 € in wagers to be able to withdraw the amount that remains after that.

So you should definitely read the terms and conditions of the free credits and familiarize yourself with how you have to implement them to ensure a smooth withdrawal. Try your luck and use such an offer if you find a casino that gives you free money. We have also picked out for you some of the best casinos that give you money without a deposit. We at can always recommend you a no deposit bonus, because it can only be worth it.

New Online Casinos 2022

The growth of online casinos has been huge, especially in these two years. There are numerous new names in the industry and many of them have made a big name for themselves in a very short time. So that you also have an overview of all the new casinos, we have picked out the latest casinos for you and decorated with testimonials. We hope that we can help you get an overview of all the new providers and wish you a lot of fun while testing one or the other site.

The world of gambling is constantly growing every year and this will also be the case in 2021. Many operators are always trying to set a new trend with their sites and attract the largest possible number of customers. For this, operators always use very good welcome bonuses to make playing on their site palatable to the player. Be it 100%, 200% bonuses, free credits or free spins, the casinos always try to lure with such offers.

On our site you will see numerous newcomers that are reputable and fair and also offer good welcome bonuses. Of course, we have provided them with detailed reviews to make it easier for you to decide whether you want to play at one of the casinos. In 2021, we will of course continue to present you with the latest casinos. Coming back to the topic of new casinos, it must be said that it is getting harder and harder for new operators to create something so novel to stand out.

The market is already flooded with numerous online casinos, so with all the volume it is very hard to stand out against all the established and successful casinos. The most important feature in 2020/2021 casinos is that they should have a reputable license. If possible, this should be issued by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) or eCuracao.

If you meet a casino with such licenses, you can already tick off the point of fairness and security, because these licensors control and regulate the casinos very strictly. Of course, other licensors are also reputable and fair, but not to be compared with the above three. For most customers it is very important anyway that the above licenses are available.

For new players we give the tip: Always look for a MGA, UKGC or eCuracao license in the new casinos! Since every player has different preferences, it is also important to check a new casino on which providers they own. If you are a NetEnt lover, you should also choose a casino that also owns this provider. However, the latest casinos are fortunately set up with the most popular providers, because they know from the outset: Without a wide range of games that is tailored for everyone, you can hardly compete against all the numerous successful casinos.

Mobile online casinos

To ensure that customers can access the offer of an online casino anywhere, almost all online casinos have also had a mobile version developed. Some online casinos have even developed their own app for this purpose. The majority, however, has simply adapted to the mobile browser and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere with a good internet connection. We have listed some online casinos for you, where we think the mobile offer is very successful. In a time where people are very busy with the cell phone and tablet, the online casinos also had to think about how they can bring the best possible gaming experience on the mobile device.

Therefore, the largest online casinos have released their own mobile casino platform to give new customers who love to spend their time on their cell phone also the opportunity to benefit from their casino. But also for existing customers who have been playing at home in online casinos for years, the opportunity to play their favorite games on the go or conveniently on the cell phone or tablet. One can register or log in on the cell phone just as well as on the PC. Depending on the provider, there is more or less game selection on the cell phone than on the PC. This is because some games for cell phones are not yet optimized to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Security in such casinos is of course ensured by SSL encryption and data security. Many good manufacturers have already optimized their games for mobile. One of the most popular games: Book of Dead from the provider Playn GO, for example, is a perfect example of the implementation of a casino game on mobile. All games from providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Playn GO therefore work flawlessly on mobile, while smaller manufacturers have not yet been able to release optimized games for mobile or tablet.

However, we are confident that in the future all providers will be able to offer their games on mobile. The more demanding players that will come along in time will demand that the manufacturers optimize a wide range of games for mobile. Since the casinos and the manufacturers are very interested in satisfying the customer, they are of course always trying to expand their mobile casino offer as much as possible. The payment procedures on the cell phone are the same as they are known on the PC. There are usually no differences. There are even mobile payment options at some casinos.

The differences are simply the size of the display. Since the display on the cell phone is smaller than the monitor on the computer, you see, for example, in the live casino much less than on the computer. Apart from the size, playing the slot machines is flawless and runs very smoothly. Sufficient data volume should also be provided if you want to play on the go, as some games consume a bit more than you would expect. On the whole, it is an advantage that the casinos have also released mobile versions. In a time where people are on the road a lot and have little time, it is an ideal alternative to playing on the computer.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the advantage over classic casinos?

The biggest advantage over the classic gambling houses are definitely the payout rates. In an arcade this is around 70% and in an online casino it is in the range of over 95%. In plain language, this means that you tend to win more often in the online casino. Of course, this is just a probability and does not mean that you will necessarily win in the online casino. The chances of winning are simply higher in advance. In both cases, however, there is no guarantee that you will win and everyone should always be aware of that. It does not matter whether it is a classic casino or an online casino.

Can I test a casino without registering?

There are some casinos that already offer free spins and bonus money with a simple registration. Without registration, you can unfortunately not try out the offer with real money anywhere. However, if you are only interested in the game itself, you can use the fun function and play the slots with fun money. This way, you can already try out various slots and get a first impression.

What are my chances of winning?

The odds of winning depend on the casino and the particular slot. The RTP (payout ratio) in the online casino ranges from 90% – 98%. This is always different and varies from casino to casino. The bottom line is that it is gambling and therefore there are no guarantees of winning anyway. Gambling should be for fun and not to make money.

Are the games / slots in online casinos rigged?

No slot in a licensed online casino can be manipulated. Casinos with an MGA license are subject to the strictest regulations in the industry and are therefore definitely safe. The slots simply run through their program and nothing is changed there. The controlling authorities have insight into gaming procedures anyway and could revoke a casino’s license if it really resorts to such means. But no casino would risk that, because if you lose a license like the MGA, you can close your online casino right away.

Can I play on my smartphone?

Every online casino also offers a mobile version. These are very easy to access via the browser and offer the full range on mobile as well. Some sites even offer an app that you can download. This makes it even easier to open the app directly and access the range.