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Casino Heroes: Bonus & Promotions

Besides a good welcome bonus, there are also various promotions and a Ruby Store where you can exchange collected rubies for bonuses. The rubies are earned by actively playing. The promotions section is definitely worth a look. The maximum wagering amount is €5. The bonus must be wagered within 60 days and the wagering requirements are 40 times.

You should always make sure that you follow the bonus conditions, otherwise you might not get the winnings. If you play with more than the maximum wager allowed, you would already be in violation of the bonus terms and conditions and would not be entitled to the payout. For this reason, you should always read the bonus conditions carefully everywhere.

  • 1st deposit 100% bonus up to 100€
  • Other bonuses after the first deposit

The Loyaltyprogram from Casino Heroes

The world of CasinoHeroes is drawn by pirates and bosses. You get to see a map where you have to defeat various bosses. Defeating bosses grants the player free spins and extra bonuses. To level up, you have to defeat each region. Once you have defeated a region, you are credited with a treasure bag of rewards in the form of free spins or bonuses.

It all looks very fancy and is also relatively fun. How close you are to a treasure bag, you can see in the progression display which fills up more and more the more you play. However, you have to play with at least 0.20€ to fill the display. When you reach the final boss of a region, there is a boss fight.

In this boss fight there are different grids that you can click on. Depending on what items you get, you will either defeat the boss or you will lose. If you win you will be rewarded with free games and bonuses and if you lose you will be on the previous island. You then have to play again until you reach the final boss again.

The rubies that you get by playing at Casino Heroes are the currencies at Casino Heroes. These rubies can be used in the Ruby Store and exchanged for free spins or bonuses. The associated conditions are also included with the purchase and should be taken into account.

There are three islands in total: Mythical Mountains, Rock of Riches and Treasure Island. You start in Treasure Island and work your way up to Mythical Mountain. Here it is more difficult to defeat the final boss but get more valuable items. All items are stored in the treasure chest and can be retrieved there.

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