Credit Card

Credit cards as a payment method

Credit cards have been around for over 60 years and can be used to make cashless and online payments very easily and quickly. The small plastic card is 0.76 mm thick, 85.60 mm long and 53.98 mm wide. This is determined by the International Organization for Standardization and must be adhered to. All credit cards therefore have exactly these dimensions. There are of course different providers such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club. With credit cards, depending on how high the credit limit is, you can make purchases without actually having the money. It is paid with a „credit“. This method of payment has become very well established, because many people want to afford something and at that moment, unfortunately, do not have the money.

Billing and how it works!

There are different forms and functions of credit cards. Here in Germany, the „charge cards“ are mostly used. With these cards, the amounts add up and are then debited once a month from the linked checking account. Thus a credit is laid out, until one has settled this again. With a „Debit Card“, the amount is deducted directly from the linked credit card or checking account. Here, no credit is granted and you simply pay with the existing balance. Examples of this are the Visa Card from ING or the Net+ card from Neteller. The classic „Credit Card“ is a card that you can overdraw up to the agreed limit and pay off as you wish. However, if you cannot pay off a loan in full, you have the option of paying off the loan in comfortable monthly installments. However, this usually entails high interest rates, which you pay on top. As you can see, there are already several types of credit cards. If you have to make an investment, for example, and get the money but only in 2 weeks, is well served with a charge card. If you want to use the credit card purely for vacation purposes and have enough money in your checking account, you can comfortably use the debit card. The money is then debited directly from the checking account and there are no more costs, because this service is usually free. For larger sums, the purchase of a classic „credit card“ is probably best. With this you can pay large sums and pay them off again in comfortable monthly installments. Ideally, you can pay off the full amount immediately to avoid high interest rates.
  • In summary: Charge Card: Sales are deducted from the linked checking account once a month.
  • Debit Card: Works like a debit card – contributions are debited directly from the checking account.
  • Credit Card: Amounts to be paid are charged either directly or in installments to the checking account.
  • Prepaid Credit Card: Must be loaded with money – if it is empty, no purchase can be made.
    Fees are totally different and depends on the issuing bank. Some banks offer very good terms and low interest rates and other banks charge very high fees. You should make sure when creating a credit card in any case to pick out different banks and compare them.


If you own a credit card, you should also make sure that it is kept safe and does not fall into the wrong hands. We have collected the most important security features of a credit card for you and then give you tips for safe handling of the credit card.
  • Signature: The signature makes it harder for the card thief to use the card.
  • EMV chip: An EMV chip makes it more difficult for card duplicates to use the card. The chip ensures that the card data is transmitted securely.
  • Hologram: Holograms are very difficult to counterfeit because they are very intricately made.
  • Hidden writing: Under UV light, the letters „M“ and „C“ become visible on Mastercard, the word „Amex“ appears on American Express, and a dove can be seen on Visa.
  • PIN: You have to enter a PIN more and more often, even to make purchases. This is to make it harder for fraudsters to get the money.These are features that are physical. When you pay online, you should be careful to enter your credit card number and CVC code only on reputable sites. Nowadays, however, you still have to enter an extra code that you get on your cell phone. This is how companies like VISA or Mastercard protect their customers.
General information about credit cards!
  • Keep credit card and PIN separate from each other
  • Emergency number for blocking the card : 116 116
  • Sign credit card immediately upon receipt
  • Check credit card statements
  • Only pay in reputable stores with the TÜV seal or Trusted Shops seal.
  • Never fall for phishing mails that try to lure out your data.
  • Protect your computer from harmful programs with a virus scanner or firewall.

Credit cards in online gambling!

Credit cards are very popular with online gambling providers. It is very easy to deposit money into the account to be able to play immediately. Even if you don’t have the money, you can deposit it and balance it later. This is exactly the danger we see here. Definitely don’t use the credit card at online gambling providers if you don’t have a balance on it. Be sensible and use it responsibly. Set limits and gamble when you can afford it. We therefore recommend credit card deposits only to people who can handle them responsibly. If you cannot control yourself, you should stay away from this payment method.

Conclusion about credit cards!

Finally, if you are interested in a credit card, we can recommend that you visit a good credit institution. The conditions and fees are very important. We think that credit cards are always a good solution to bridge bottlenecks or other things or just to have more financial freedom. However, if you have a problem with money management due to gambling, you should rather use other methods that we have prepared for you. The use of a credit card requires responsible use.

Online Casinos with credit card as payment method: