Muchbetter as a payment method

MuchBetter belongs to the group of e-wallets and offers lightning-fast transactions as well as transfers. Everything is controlled via an app that you have to download on your phone or tablet. Since the security procedure is also controlled via push message, you should also set up the app correctly on your cell phone. The cell phone number acts as a substitute for an account number with MuchBetter. All personal transactions are thus made via one’s own mobile number. This is really very innovative and has also been crowned with several awards. Muchbetter won the Payment Innovation of the Year in 2018, as well as other prestigious awards. This is also a reason why we want to bring this payment method closer to you.

How it works

MuchBetter is the most straightforward way to make transactions in real time. All you need is your cell phone, a valid number and the app. After that, you are ready to make any transactions. Of course, since Muchbetter works through the app, the app is very sophisticated and works flawlessly. With the other e-wallets, you have to expect occasional app bugs as they prefer to run through the web browser. The account functions can all be controlled on the app, which is not possible with other e-wallets. There, you have to do all the important account functions via the web browser. In order to make a withdrawal, you have to confirm your identity. An ID card, driver’s license or passport is sufficient for this. This is uploaded and is also verified in a very short time. Then you can also make withdrawals to your account.

Use and payment process

In order to pay with Muchbetter, one must first load his Muchbetter account with money. It is in effect also a credit based account. The most common methods for this are credit cards and bank transfers. Once you have topped up your MuchBetter account, you can simply select the MuchBetter payment option in the store you want to use and you can pay directly with your cell phone. All you have to do is confirm the push message you receive in the app and the money is sent. This is a fast and straightforward process. One can even make transactions on the go very well and that with a very good app. In addition to the app, there is also a MuchBetter card that works as a credit card with credit, as well as a key fob for contactless payments. This can also be used to make straightforward payments in stores and other businesses, and even to withdraw money from an ATM. This might incur the bank’s own fees, but otherwise using MuchBetter is actually free. You always have to look at what the business charges for this.

Conclusion about MuchBetter

The MuchBetter payment method is simple and clever. With the innovative idea of managing everything by cell phone number, a very simple payment method has been created that everyone can access. Since everyone has a valid cell phone number and always has their phone at hand, this payment method is a good permanent companion. One can make transactions from anywhere and can also make purchases with the card anywhere. The app is well designed and confirming a transaction is done quickly, so one can make transactions in a flash. A very good alternative to the other e-wallets. The only criticism is that they could also develop a version for the web browser. But maybe that’s just it,

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