Paysafecard as a payment method

Paysafecard is one of the leading market leaders when it comes to online prepaid payment methods. It is a part of Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. One can pay through Paysafecards securely and anonymously in any online payment store. That is why very many people use this option, as it is very easy and can be paid without much hassle.


  With Paysafecard there are actually no fees per se. If you buy a Paysafecard in a normal way in one of the stores outside the internet, then you have no fees at all during the payment process. Only when using the online portal of PSC the following costs are incurred:
  • Provisioning fee: from the 13th month onwards, a monthly provisioning fee of €3 will be deducted from the remaining credit on the pin.
  • Conversion surcharge: Paysafecard charges a fee for transactions with currency conversions.


  1. Paysafecard is relatively safe because you do not have to enter any personal information during the payment process. You only use the pin and can pay with it without any other information.
  2. The Paysafecard pin should only be entered in authorized Paysafecard webshops. So never pay on dubious sites with the Paysafecard Pin.
  3. The pin should never be passed on by e-mail or telephone. If, for example, someone wants the pin beforehand for the payment process, this should never be done. You should always enter your pin on your computer on a reputable Paysafe authorized site.
  4. If you have a Paysafe account, you should immediately block the account in case of suspicious activities. Paysafe support will take care of such requests immediately.
If you receive scam mails from authorities, institutions, lawyers or courts asking you to pay fines or reminder fees via Paysafecard, you should not do that under any circumstances. Because authorities are not contractually connected webshops and let’s be honest, which authority would collect the fees via Paysafecard. These were basic aspects that you should consider if you want to be absolutely sure that your pin does not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, you should keep your hands off alleged programs that are supposed to generate Paysafecard pins for you. Such programs are a scam and only serve the purpose of installing themselves in your PC as Trojans or other programs, because Paysafecard Pins can never be hacked or generated. This is ensured by the numerous security mechanisms of Paysafe.

Conclusion about Paysafecard

Paysafecards are absolutely safe, easy to acquire and can now be found in many online stores as a payment method. That’s why we think that you can’t go wrong with them and if you don’t have any other payment options (for now), Paysafecards are a very good alternative.

Online Casinos with Paysafecard as payment method: