Trustly as a payment method

Trustly is a very popular payment method nowadays and has been around since 2008. You can make your purchases quickly and easily online. The transactions are completed directly with your own bank via secure servers. Trustly Group AB is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Therefore, it also has its license. Thus, the payment service is a very good choice when it comes to making transactions quickly and easily. Trustly is available in 29 European countries, making it one of the best payment service providers everywhere.

Trustly or bank transfer?

This question can be answered very easily with Trustly. A bank transfer nowadays still takes several days and with Trustly you can transfer the money in a flash and it arrives at the recipient immediately. In this day and age, everyone wants very fast transactions, and normal bank transfers can’t keep up. For example, if you want to buy something, but do not want to pay by bank transfer, you can make an instant transfer through Trustly. This way, the money arrives immediately and the goods are usually shipped immediately. Long waiting has hereby an end. The principle is very simple: You log in with your normal bank data and use the same means of verification as in the online banking of your banking institution. You don’t have to worry about your information being accessible to others. Trustly is a reputable and licensed company that handles the data of its customers very carefully. It is only used to complete the transaction so that the seller can receive his money. So, the option is very safe and you can pay with Trustly without any problems. So, we can say that Trustly is a kind of „transmitter“ of data and the difference with a normal bank transfer is that they transmit this data lightning fast and instantly.

Trustly in online gambling!

Due to the spread of Trustly in 29 European countries, Trustly has also become a very popular payment method for online gambling providers within Europe. Many good online gambling providers rely on this payment service provider. The reason is simple: customers can make lightning-fast transactions with Trustly and can deposit money into the account instantly. With a normal bank transfer, customers would have to wait a few days. In addition, the bank transfer usually has to go to a foreign bank and that can take up to a week. Trustly provides the opposite: instant and lightning fast. Thus, customers can play with the deposited funds immediately and do not have to wait forever for transfers. Not only the deposit is instantaneous. Withdrawals are also carried out as quickly as possible, provided they are approved by the provider. We have experienced that with some online gambling providers the money was directly in the bank account within 15 minutes. This mostly just depends on how fast the responsible office of a provider releases the payout. Usually this takes up to 24 hours, as you know, because you are not the only person who pays out money. But once the withdrawal is confirmed, the money is usually in the bank account within a few hours. Of course, holidays and weekends are excluded from this, unless your bank is also open on holidays or weekends. Otherwise you can deposit and withdraw money with Trustly on any day.

Conclusion about Trustly!

We think that Trustly is one of the best payment service providers and simply simplifies a lot. A very big advantage of Trustly with online gambling providers is that for the institution only a payment via Trustly is apparent, but not that it goes to a gambling provider. In addition, Trustly is completely free to use and is better than other fee-based payment service providers. We therefore give a clear recommendation for Trustly.

Online Casinos with Trustly as payment method: