How it works

Zimpler is one of the newer online payment methods and has been a solid and reliable online provider since 2016. The principle is relatively simple and works via one’s cell phone. When you make a transaction, you get a code on your cell phone and you can confirm the transactions with this verification code. Thus, these payment transactions are secure and are executed in seconds. Using zimpler is free of charge, so buyers don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. After verifying your cell phone number, a wallet is also created, in which the balance is located and with which you can make payment transactions. You can pay with Zimpler by invoice, card or bank account. If you pay by invoice, you will receive a payment email or SMS directly to your cell phone and you have to pay the amount within 14 days.
If you choose the card option, you will have to enter your credit card details, which will be stored on your Zimpler account. This way you don’t have to enter your data every time and you can make transactions comfortably. For the bank method, you have to confirm your BankID, so that it is also comprehensible that the bank account belongs to you. After that you can pay with your bank account without any restrictions. Zimpler serves as a very good payment method and does its job in mobile payment really well. One can pay in selected stores and at more and more online gambling providers using this method.

The fees at Zimpler

Using Zimpler is free of charge. However, there are corresponding fees for transactions. These fees depend on the transaction amount.
  • Payments up to 29€: 1,50€ fee
  • 30€ – 59€: 3,90€ fee
  • 60€ – 89€: 4,90€ fee
  • > 90€: 5,90€ fee
At first glance, these fees are of course really high. For large transactions, the fee doesn’t really matter and you don’t have any percentage fees here. The fees for small transactions are relatively high, but you get a really safe and reputable payment system with Zimpler.

Zimpler in online gambling

Zimpler is becoming more and more popular among online gambling providers. The reason for this is the secure payment procedure. Each transaction has to be confirmed with a verification code and thus unauthorized access is almost impossible. Another advantage is that Zimpler does not pass on any credit card data or anything else. So you only pay via Zimpler and you only have to send the invoice or the amount to Zimpler. The online gambling provider is therefore not linked to your bank account or credit card at all. This ensures a certain anonymity and makes playing at the online gambling provider easier. For players who do not like to gamble through their bank account anyway, Zimpler is perfect for not having to do so. Many online gambling providers now offer Zimpler and its growing popularity only confirms the fact that Zimpler has done well. The only drawback is that although you can deposit with Zimpler at most online gambling providers, you have to transfer your withdrawal to an at

Provider with Zimpler as a payment method: