Best Online Casinos 2023

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The Best Online Casinos 2023


Online Casinos and Bonuses

Those who are interested in a bonus should definitely take advantage of it. A bonus serves first of all to offer the player a longer gaming fun and to maintain the mood. But of course you must not forget that such a bonus is tied to certain turnover conditions or a wager.

It is also no secret that the operator usually has a house advantage. But of course, with a little luck, you can multiply your bet by a larger. Who would like to play longer and actively at an online casino, should always take a bonus to make his game first more exciting and secondly more interesting.

An online casino bonus is so interesting because it doubles, triples or even quadruples the player’s deposited money. If a bonus is claimed, it must be ensured that the respective or selected online casino provider has an MGA, Curacao or UK Gaming license. Once one has claimed his first bonus at an online casino, whether it is sports betting or slots, the respective player will come back in most cases.

Many online casinos advertise with free spins or no deposit bonus to give the respective customer or player a nice stay. In addition, reputable online casinos offer a loyalty program, where the player has certain advantages over others who have played only once at this online casino. Among other things, these are distinguished by different ranks such as bronze, silver or even gold.

But also level systems are very popular with many online casinos and are often used. Often a provider also provides the player so a new bonus. This usually takes place on special occasions, such as Easter or Christmas. Email or SMS refine this to tell the player directly when a new bonus is available.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses, such as the Sticky or also Non-Sticky Bonus. Both of them are very attractive and are popularly claimed. Sticky Bonus: When you have claimed a bonus and you lose or win your wager with every spin or spin in a slot or game. The wager or turnover decreases with each selected spin.

As a rule, a turnover of 20 times to 40 times for the deposit and bonus. However, there are exceptions where only the bonus amount must be wagered until you can make a withdrawal. A non-sticky bonus has a different procedure. As with the sticky bonus, you make a deposit and claim the chosen bonus.

But here you first play with the real money amount you deposited. If you can make a profit directly at the beginning, it is possible for the player to make a withdrawal directly. But if one should come into the amount of bonus money, the amount must be converted, depending on the turnover conditions or wager what the respective online casino provider specifies.

But why these differences between sticky and non-sticky bonus. This is an important point that fundamentally distinguishes online casinos. In some providers, the bonus is a sticky or even non-sticky bonus. If you do not know what kind of bonus it is with the selected provider, you can ask in the respective customer support or customer service via email or live chat. To be on the safe side, you can read the testimonials to get a good start in the world of online gambling.

Online Casino Bonus with Free Spins

Who would rather focus on free spins instead of a bonus, this can be done at many online casinos. Many online casinos offer to the selected bonus also many free spins in the respective welcome package. Free spins are therefore so interesting, because you can also make a big profit in these and win without having made a deposit.

A bonus is usually offered with associated free spins, the number differs because not every online casino offers the same welcome package. Free spins without deposit is one of the most popular methods to attract players or customers, because you can look at the interface, structure and the exact bonus closer.

Many online casinos also offer the player the opportunity to receive trophies and bonuses while playing. This has the advantage that you get free spins that often do not even involve a turnover or Wager. It is so appealing because the player is virtually “gifted” and thus feels good all around. Online casinos usually offer a VIP or loyalty program, where the player can prove himself.

So if you like to play and do not want to miss out on free spins, you should always consider and take advantage of such offers. For players who like to play free spins, which are also free, we can recommend with a clear conscience.

Online Casino Bonus for High Roller

What many online casinos are currently tackling is to provide a high roller bonus for certain players. Who would like to deposit a higher amount can do this with a selected bonus gladly.

Online casinos currently offer on many platforms a new method of playing and entertainment, namely the direct deposit without a registration to make. The deposit option on these platforms is usually a bank transfer or Trustly, where the player can directly load money.

We would also like to point out here that you should not claim a bonus for high stakes, as a maximum stake of €5 is prescribed by most providers. If you exceed this, it may be that a provider refuses the payout, because you have violated the specified terms and conditions.

Online Casinos with Free Spins without deposit

Many online casinos offer free spins, so that customers can have fun completely free of charge. The offer is large and the online casinos try to lure players with generous free spins to the provider. We find this offer very good, because it is free and you can get a small impression of the site.

We have listed some of these sites for you and explained more about the whole thing. Have fun with the free spins. A good way, especially for new players, to test a provider are the free spins, which you get directly without a deposit. Here you only have to register and get free spins on certain slot machines, which you can play immediately.

These free spins are pre-set with lines and bet, so you don’t have to do anything more than press the spin. Button of the slot machine. The collected winnings from the free spins are mostly added to the bonus balance on the player’s account. As we have already written in our bonus review, this bonus credit is therefore also linked to “turnover conditions”.

If you want to read through this again in detail, you can take a look at our report on “Casino Bonus”. However, most of the time, free spins conditions are far below the deposit bonus conditions. For example, if we win €5 through the free spins and the provider says these must be wagered 10 times, then we have to wager a total amount of €50 and can pay out this amount in full. .

These are then immediately available in the account and you can continue to play with it as you like. This type of free spins are therefore a good way to get a few rounds of play without having to deposit a single euro yourself. If you manage to land a lucky strike, you can even win triple-digit amounts without having deposited anything. In any case, you should try your luck at such online casinos because you have nothing to lose.

An example to illustrate: 5 € through the winnings with free credit must be wagered 20 times. Means 5 € x 20 = 100 €. So you have to play 100 € in wagers to be able to withdraw the amount that remains after that.

So you should definitely read the terms and conditions of the free credits and familiarize yourself with how you have to implement them to ensure a smooth withdrawal. In any case, try your luck and take advantage of such an offer if you find an operator that gives you free money. We have also picked out for you some of the best online casinos that give you money without a deposit. We at can always recommend you a no deposit bonus, because it can only be worth it.

New Online Casinos 2023

The growth of online casinos has been very tremendous, especially in these two years. There are numerous new names in the industry and many of them have made a big name for themselves in a short time. So that you also have an overview of all the new online casinos, we have picked out for you the latest online casinos and decorated with testimonials. We hope that we can help you get an overview of all the new online casinos and wish you a lot of fun while testing one or the other site.

The world of online gambling is growing steadily every year and this will also be the case in 2023. Many operators are always trying to set a new trend with their sites and win the largest possible number of customers for themselves. Here for the online casinos always use very good welcome bonuses to make the player playing on their site tasty. Be it through 100% or 200% bonuses, free credits or free spins, the online casinos always try to lure with such offers.

On our site you will see numerous newcomers that are reputable and fair and also offer good welcome bonuses. Of course, we have provided them with detailed reviews to make it easier for you to decide whether you want to play at one of these online casinos. In 2023, we will of course continue to present you with the latest online casinos.

The market is already flooded with numerous online casinos, so with all the volume it is very difficult to prevail against all the established and successful operators. The most important feature in online casinos 2023 is that they should have a reputable license. If possible, this should be issued by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) or eCuracao.

If you come across one of these online casinos with such licenses, you can already check off the point of fairness and security, because these licensors control and regulate the online casinos very strictly. Of course, other licensors are also reputable and fair, but not to be compared with the above three. For most customers, it is very important anyway that the above licenses are available.

For new players we give the tip: Always look for a MGA, UKGC or eCuracao license! Since every player has different preferences, it is also important to check a new online casino on which providers they have. If you are a NetEnt lover, you should also choose an online casino that also owns this game provider. However, the latest online casinos are fortunately set up with the most popular providers, because they know from the outset: Without a wide range of games that is tailored for everyone, you can hardly compete against all the numerous successful competitors.

Mobile Online Casinos

To ensure that customers can access the offer of an online casino anywhere, almost all operators have also had a mobile version developed. Some online casinos have even developed their own app for this purpose. The majority, however, has simply adapted to the mobile browser and can be accessed comfortably from anywhere with a good internet connection. We have listed some online casinos for you, where we think the mobile offer is very successful. In a time where people are very busy with the cell phone and tablet, the online casinos also had to think about how they can bring the best possible gaming experience on the mobile device.

Therefore, the largest online casinos have brought out their own mobile platform to give new customers who love to spend their time on their cell phone also the opportunity to benefit from these providers. But also for existing customers who have been playing for years at home in online casinos, the opportunity to play their favorite games on the go or conveniently on the cell phone or tablet. One can register or log in on the cell phone just as well as on the PC. Depending on the provider, there is more or less game selection on the cell phone than on the PC. This is because some games for cell phones are not yet optimized to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Security at such online casinos is of course ensured by SSL encryption and data security. Many good manufacturers have already optimized their games for mobile. One of the most popular games: Book of Dead from the game provider Playn’Go, for example, is a perfect example of the implementation of a game on mobile. All games from providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Playn’Go therefore work flawlessly on mobile, while smaller manufacturers have not yet been able to release optimized games for mobile or tablet.

However, we are confident that in the future all game providers will be able to offer their games on mobile. The more demanding players that come along with time literally demand it from the manufacturers to optimize a wide range of games for mobile. Since the online casinos and manufacturers are very interested in satisfying the customer, they are of course always trying to expand their mobile offering as much as possible. The payment procedures on the cell phone are the same as they are known on the PC. There are usually no differences here.

The differences are simply due to the size of the display. Apart from the size, playing the slot machines is flawless and runs very smoothly. Sufficient data volume should also be provided for when you want to play on the go, since some games consume a bit more than you would expect. On the whole, it is an advantage that the online casinos have also released mobile versions. In a time where people are on the road a lot and have little time, it is an ideal alternative to playing on the computer.

Advantages that Online Casinos bring with them

An online casino brings with it a bunch of advantages, which we will now explain in more detail. What interests a player and customer the most when he plays in an online casino? Right, how high are the payout ratios? The next point, anonymous play. Every player can deposit and play in online casinos from the comfort of his home and above all anonymously. The third point, you can play from anywhere. You do not necessarily have to be in your own home to play.

Meanwhile, all modern smartphones are equipped with this technology. Another important point is to play the slots and play before you deposit real money. This brings the demo mode with it. The last point is, you do not have to pay out your money after finishing playing. The money can stay in the player’s account for a longer period of time. All these points will now be explained in detail and enumerated exactly.

Return to player and Higher Payout Ratios

Often the question comes up, what does Return to Player actually mean? Return to Player, also called RTP, is an amount that each player gets back when playing. The German translation is, in short, the payout ratio. This payout ratio or RTP runs in all online casinos between 94% up to 98%. In a normal gambling house, the payout ratio is just 60% and in a state casino up to 80%.

Thus, it is clear, most of the money that a player gets back by playing is in the online casinos. Just why are the payout ratios so high compared to land-based casinos? As already described, online casinos are the future. To keep a player for a long time, certain aspects must be met. Due to increased winning, everyone naturally prefers to play in online casinos instead of land-based casinos.

But where does this RTP come from and who determines the percentage? All game providers such as PlaynGo, Pragmatic Play or Big Time Gaming are connected to certain servers. These servers tell whether a spin brings a profit or a loss. Each spin in a slot is associated with a number. This number then tells whether it will be a win or a loss. If you want to put it roughly, you are playing for money from a server. Of course, this is represented differently by creative ideas in thousands of slots.

This is the same principle as in land-based casinos, where a slot machine is equipped with a hard disk and this decides whether the player should win or not. These servers have been designed through ages of coding and construction so that players naturally lose in the very long run, only this happens more slowly. There can always come a lucky phase where players day after day always make a payout, even with low stakes. The only thing to know is that this is not the permanent case.

Casino Bonus – Explanation and Offers

What is a casino bonus? A casino bonus is a kind of “extra money” that is provided by online casinos. With this you can play longer, because you get additional money, in the form of bonus credits, to your deposited money. These differ in different amounts. There are 100% bonuses, 200% bonuses, 300% bonuses, 400% bonuses and 500% bonuses. The higher a bonus is, the more fun a player can have. But also casino bonus offers without deposit are listed right here. No matter if it is free spins or a free cash amount. Please note that these bonus offers are always associated with certain bonus conditions from the online casino itself.

Best Casino Bonus

Looking for the perfect casino bonus for you? Compare numerous casino bonus offers on now and share your experiences with us. No matter if you are looking for a casino bonus with or without deposit, you will find it on Also inform yourself about all details like bonus conditions and general questions that may arise while playing. Our lists with casino bonus offers are always kept up to date.

A good casino bonus

What is a really good casinos bonus to play with? Well, there are many and several variations of what makes a really good casino bonus. First, the percentage level, this usually starts at 100% bonus and ends, in normal cases, at 500%. Furthermore, it is important, is it a non-sticky casino bonus or a normal casino bonus? We will come to the topic of non-sticky bonus in detail in the lower part of our report. Also important is of course, as described above, the turnover and the bonus conditions that a casino bonus brings with it.

100% Deposit Bonus

With a 100% bonus you usually deposit 50€ up to 500€. This casino bonus is also called match bonus, because you get the amount you deposited on your budget from the said online casino with up. For example, you deposit 100€ and receive 100€ bonus. For example, if you wager the bonus 30 times, you must have wagered (30 x 100€) 3,000€ before you can request a withdrawal. Don’t get confused with a 100% bonus up to 100€.

You don’t have to deposit 100€ to qualify for a welcome bonus or general casino bonus. It just means that the online casino here gives “up to” 100€ casino bonus on this bonus. Thus, you can also make a deposit of only 50€ and start with 100€ starting balance. The turnover for such a deposit is also associated with only 30 times as an example.

With a 100€ starting credit you have (30×50€) 1.500€ turnover which must be fulfilled before a withdrawal can be indicated. Each player must know for himself what is good for him and worthwhile in a casino bonus. Just remember, more deposits = more turnover and less deposits = less turnover. Here are a few examples of how 100% casino bonus offers might look:

  • 100% casino up to 100€

200% Deposit Bonus

The 200% casino bonus is always very tasty. Because here, as with the 100% bonus, the deposit is not only doubled, no, even tripled. Many players always ask, how much money can you deposit now to get part of the bonus or the whole casino bonus? Well, this is simple mathematics.

If a 200% casino bonus up to 200€ is offered, it is not advantageous to deposit 200€, because the bonus is only up to 200€ and in such a case it looks like a 100% casino bonus. However, if you deposit 100€, you will receive 200€ in addition to your budget, as described above. Players often think that a 200% casino bonus up to 200€ means that you can deposit up to 200€ and then receive another 400€ in bonus credit, that is fundamentally wrong and is often misunderstood in online casinos.

But we at are there to better explain such topics, such as a 200% casino bonus or more, and to explain, so that exactly such grievances do not arise. The turnover requirements or bonus conditions of a 200% casino bonus are usually higher, because the online casino here provides double the credit.

With an average of 40 times the pure bonus balance, a turnover could look like this: (100 € deposit + 200€ casino bonus = 300 € starting balance) (40 x 300€ = 12,000€). Thus, it is clear that the higher a casino bonus is, the higher the associated turnover or bonus conditions are. Here is an example of how the 200% casino bonus can look:

  • 200% casino bonus up to 200€

300% Deposit Bonus

A 300% casino bonus is a bit harder to find in the online gambling world, but of course not impossible. Here the money is not doubled or tripled, no, it is quadrupled directly. For quite long gaming fun and a very high initial budget, a 300% casino bonus is already very good. Also important here is how a 300% bonus is offered.

As an example, there would be e.g. 300% casino bonus up to 300€. Important, as with the 200% casino bonus, how much do you have to deposit to take advantage of the full casino bonus, or only a part. Again, it’s simple math. For example, you deposit 100€ into your player account. You choose the 300% casino bonus, which in this case goes up to 300€, and you get an additional 300€ on top of your 100€.

Thus, one has a starting capital of 400€ at his disposal. This is a lot of casino bonus offered by some online casinos. But note that such a large casino bonus is associated with, usually, a higher turnover or bonus conditions.

We take for the 300% casino bonus a standard value of 45 times convert the bonus. If a deposit of 100€ is made, and you receive 300 casino bonus, the turnover here is 13,500€, before a withdrawal can be requested. Here is an example of how the 300% casino bonus can look like:

  • 300% casino bonus up to 300€

400% Deposit Bonus

The 400% casino bonus is already really a rarity in online casinos. Mostly, these are really rarely offered in welcome packages. Mostly you can find these to special promotions that are organized and offered by online casinos. Provided a 400% casino bonus goes up to 400€, the player only needs to deposit 100€ to receive the full amount.

Again, please keep in mind the math. If one deposits 400€ one does not get a 1,600€ casino bonus, but only 400€, since the casino bonus goes “up to” 400€. With the full budget of 500€, each player thus has a hefty budget to play with. Such a really big casino bonus is as said but a real rarity and does not happen very often.

However, we at have already seen some casino bonuses offered by online casinos. Either as a welcome offer or as a promotion. Now let’s move on to the turnover requirements. Since such a casino bonus is very large, it is therefore, in the normal case, also the turnover or bonus conditions. We assume a standard value of 50 times.

If you deposit 100€ and receive 400€ casino bonus, you have to fulfill a turnover of 20,000€ before a withdrawal can be requested. That is almost twice as much turnover as a 200% casino bonus. But don’t forget, it’s also a huge budget that you have at your disposal. Here is an example of how the 400% casino bonus can look in online casinos:

  • 400% casino bonus up to 400€

500% Deposit Bonus

The 500% casino bonus is already a myth, as it hardly exists and is awarded in the online casino world. However, we at have seen and played with these bonus offers on reputable online casino sites. You won’t find such a 500% casino bonus almost anywhere, as it is very rarely offered. If it is possible for you, and the online casino makes a serious general impression on you, you should definitely take this.

As long as the 500% casino bonus goes up to 500€, you only have to deposit 100€ here to use the full amount for your budget. Please note that you only need to deposit 100€ if the casino bonus goes “up to” 500€, as this is the full amount of bonus credit that you can actually get. If more money is deposited or loaded like 200€ or 300€, only 500€ casino bonus will be added to your balance.

Anything over this amount is wasted money and we do not recommend it to any player. Deposit less and get a lot of casino bonus, it does not get better than that. But of course, there are certain turnover requirements associated with it. We assume a standard value, for the 500% casino bonus, and take 60 times to convert. If you have made your deposit of, for example, 100€ and the 500% casino bonus has been added to you, you have an insane starting balance of a whole 600€.

With 60 times bonus conditions we have here a turnover of a whopping 36,000€. It must know each player himself, whether he dares such a turnover or Wager to, because it is not easy. Nevertheless, we say, you can try it, if your wallet allows it at that moment. For you here again an example of how the 500% casino bonus can look like:

  • 500% casino bonus up to 500€

Personal checklist for a casino bonus

At, we recommend that you have a personal checklist that must be completed before making a deposit. Through years of gaming experience in various online casinos, we have taken this for you and recommend it to you. A total of four points we recommend you check off before you want to make a deposit with a casino bonus. Here once, all listed points that we from we feel important.

  • The Gambling License
  • The Welcome Bonus and Bonus Conditions
  • The available Payment Methods
  • The available Game Selection

1. The Online Gambling License

The first point, the license. Only serious and good online casinos have good licenses. We recommend that you make sure that a MGA license (Malta Gaming Authority) or a Curacao license (Curacao eGaming Authority) is available. But also licenses from Sweden or others are reputable and trustworthy. Still as a note, we at, list only online casinos with reputable gambling licenses. If a listed online casino shows fraudulent behavior, it will be removed from our site immediately.

2. The Welcome Bonus and Bonus Conditions

The next point, the welcome bonus with the bonus conditions. Which casino bonus appeals to you the most? A 100% casino bonus or must or should it be more. How is the turnover that must be met before a withdrawal can also be made. These points must decide each player for themselves. We recommend that you always take a 100% casino bonus or 200% casino bonus from in any case.

3. The available Payment Methods

What is the point of a super casino bonus if the desired payment methods are not available? Correctly, nothing at all, because you do not have the option to deposit, or have to deposit via detours. Of course, we want to prevent this and inform our players and visitors directly in advance in our detailed online casino reviews. Please check the payment methods beforehand, for example whether Paysafecard, Klarna or e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill are available.

4. The available Game Selection

Provided that the gambling license, the welcome bonus with the associated bonus conditions, and the payment methods fit, is still important last point important, the entire game selection of the said online casino. Without slots or a good live casino offer, playing is absolutely no fun. Note before whether also directly your favorite games or even new games or slots are available. Good examples are Book of Dead, San Quentin or The Dog House from PlaynGo, No Limit City and Pragmatic Play.

General Bonus and Turnover Conditions of a Casino Bonus

Each casino bonus from various online casinos is or are always associated with a certain turnover. These bonus conditions or the turnover are determined by the online casino itself. Only what amount is fair? Online casinos have no money to give away, that we all know. Only a casino bonus must be attractive enough that a player makes a deposit there to get his casino bonus. Really fair conditions start at 20 times on the bonus balance.

This means that you have to wager 20 times what you received in casino bonus on your deposit. Good bonus conditions should end at 50 times on the pure bonus balance. There are other turnover requirements that an online casino can specify. Here, the deposit, as well as the bonus must be converted the same amount. A good turnover in such a case starts at 20 times and ends at 35 times on the deposit and bonus money.

Other bonus conditions of a casino bonus

Besides the general bonus conditions, there are other conditions that are important and should not be ignored. Even though we at BonusJungle.coms list and describe all the wagering requirements and bonus conditions in detail, always read through all the conditions yourself before you start playing. Always pay attention to six important features that must not be ignored in any case.

1. What is the minimum deposit for a casino bonus?

First, the minimum deposit. How much do you have to deposit to qualify for a casino bonus. We have very often seen cases where unfortunately too little was deposited and no casino bonus was credited. As a rule, this amount is 20€.

However, there are also online casinos that require only 1€, 5€ or 10€. This is in the power of the online casinos themselves, as they themselves can determine how high a deposit must be, so that a casino bonus can be added. Also in many additional promotions, in addition to the welcome bonus, the amounts are often added. Thus, each player can decide for himself whether he wants to make this casino bonus with this minimum deposit or not.

2. How much can I play with a casino bonus?

The next point is the maximum bet that can be played with a casino bonus. This unfortunately often differs, but often an average value is common in many online casinos. This value is, as a rule, 5€ per spin on the slot machine or slot. Normally, you always bet 100% on slots or slot machines.

That is, if, for example, a turnover of 5,000€ is given, and a spin or rotation on the slot of 5€ is played, 100%, that is 5€, of the said 5,000€ turnover goes away. Whether this spin makes a profit or not is not relevant to the turnover itself. But of course you hope for a profit to be able to create the turnover faster. As described above, 5€ maximum bet is only an average value.

Many online casinos also give a strict 2€, 3€ or 4€ maximum bet. Others, such as the Gamdom Casino even give the player a 10€ maximum bet with very good conditions to the hand. So we know, only the online casinos themselves specify what the maximum bet should look like.

3. How long do I have to play with a casino bonus?

The third point is the duration of a casino bonus. This almost always runs to seven days after receiving the casino bonus. In these 7 days, the turnover of the casino bonus must be completely fulfilled. Only why this “time pressure”. Online casinos must pay continuous fees and administrative costs.

Therefore, a casino bonus must be completely fulfilled in this period. If a player does not manage to completely fulfill the turnover in 7 days, he awarded casino bonus will be removed from the player account. A chance of recovery is unfortunately no longer possible. Therefore, as a tip, take your time when claiming a casino bonus, because it is not available forever.

4. May I play from my country with a casino bonus?

The next point is whether it is allowed to receive a casino bonus in your country. This, of course, every player must see for himself beforehand, as we cannot see from which country a player is considering a casino bonus on and taking it for a deposit.

On all casino bonus offers are freely available for German players and no problems should arise. However, by now online casinos are so advanced that they are available in 5 or more languages. Some countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland, Malta or even Norway are among them.

5. May I play all slots with a casino bonus?

Yes and no. In many listed online casinos on all slots are fully playable without any restrictions. However, this is not the case in all online casinos. We at have seen quite a bit, including absolutely disastrous online casinos with terrible bonus conditions. These, of course, we do not call, because we do not want to spread advertising for bad online casinos. But back to the topic of whether you can play all slots with a casino bonus.

As a rule, there are three variants, how much slots or slot machines can convert. First, all slots always convert 100% of said turnover. Since the player is not restricted play, or assume fraud on the part of the online casino. The next variant is 50% of the turnover of all slots in online casinos. Here, special slots and machines are selected, which usually always give a good return to the player. Return means only that what the player gets back in 100 spins or spins.

Since there are many slots that are particularly worthwhile for the implement, some online casinos say that these slots can only implement 50% instead of the 100%. Whether this is fair or not, each player must decide for themselves. The last variant is 0% wagering or complete ban on slots. Some slots, mostly a few, do not wager anything at all. Most of the time you will be kicked out of prohibited slots as well as so at the beginning of a spin directly.

This has the sense that players do not lose their casino bonus because you play a slot that is not allowed at all. We at find this procedure very good, because there are also new players who are not too familiar with the matter of bonus conditions and slots. We would like to see such a behavior in all online casinos. Slots that convert 0%, but are still playable, you can of course also play. Here you do not violate any conditions or anything else and can pay out the remaining balance completely after completing the turnover.

6. Why can’t I wager my Casino Bonus at the Live Casino?

Normally, casino bonus offers are offered exclusively for playing slots or slot machines. As mentioned above, these put 100% of the spin completely in the bonus conditions with. Only why does the turnover in the live casino, such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat only count 10%? For the very simple reason, it is too easy to make the turnover and to unlock the bonus money received. As an example, the live casino game Roulette fits perfectly.

Here, a player can simply bet two equal amounts on red and black and additionally an even smaller amount on the 0. Thus, every player could effortlessly convert any casino bonus without any real hesitation and pay out the money immediately without any loss. However, it is also described here in the deep bonus conditions, mostly, that such a gaming behavior is not tolerated and can lead to withdrawal of any casino bonus funds and payout block up to the player account block of an online casino.

A casino bonus should entertain each player first. Whether he creates a payout with it or not, the online casino is basically not interested. But of course it must be fair for both parties and therefore both, the player and the online casino, must adhere to all set conditions.

How do I use a Casino Bonus Code correctly?

As a rule, casino bonus codes are no longer frequently used in online casinos. Here, a modern automatic system accesses that all new players credit their welcome bonus, after deposit. However, most of the time the bonus still has to be “clicked” before it is confirmed and activated with the deposit. Back to the topic, casino bonus codes. If an online casino insists on activating for the welcome bonus, this is usually entered directly during registration under “Code” with.

Otherwise, there is still the possibility to do this directly in the deposit window. Here, in the normal case, an additional field is displayed with the, as a rule, called Promocode. Here, the said casino bonus code must now be entered. When this is done, a deposit can now be made with any offered payment method. It always depends on the corporate structure of an online casino. In some online casinos, even the live chat must be contacted, so that this adds the casino bonus to the deposited balance.

Nowadays, emails or even SMS are often sent to players that they have received an exclusive casino bonus code exactly on this day or week. Again, when you want to make a deposit, you simply have to add it under the Promocode section in the deposit area. We at have already received many of these casino bonus codes, even in higher percentage ranges like 200% casino bonus up to 500% casino bonus.

Different casino bonus variants

There are, to our knowledge, a total of two casino bonus variants that are offered in online casinos, the reload bonus and the cashback bonus. Both options or variants should always be a part of any online casino. In addition to the well-known loyalty and VIP program, or even offered wheels of fortune, a good reload bonus as well as cashback bonus, while playing and also after playing is always a nice thing. We now explain both variants step by step.

What is a reload bonus? Explanation – step by step

A reload bonus is basically nothing more than the all too familiar welcome bonus. The only difference is that it is available more times a day, week or month. These reload casino bonuses are advertised by online casino itself determined on. Usually, these are just smaller deposit bonuses in an amount of 50% up to 200% casino bonus.

These are often also associated with free spins offered. Such reload bonuses are of course always linked to turnover or bonus conditions. In most cases, the normal conditions that also apply to the welcome bonus apply here.

These include the amount of the turnover, the maximum stake, the duration of the reload bonus, any game restrictions in the slots and a maximum payout amount. The period of a reload bonus is always described in detail in our online casino reviews. Nevertheless, we recommend always looking up the exact times on the online casino itself. Here is an example of this:

  • 50% reload bonus up to 100€ and 50 free spins

What is a Cashback Bonus? Explanation – step by step

A cashback bonus is a “money back guarantee”. This means that a player gets back a certain amount of their lost money. This amount runs on the amount that the online casino releases for this area. Normally, this amount runs between 10% up to 20% cash back. Often, the loyalty or VIP program also applies here.

The higher one’s level in an online casino, the higher the privileges that the individual player receives. Such a cashback is credited directly to the player’s account, usually after a week, but sometimes after a month. Often it is also necessary to contact the live support for this, so please do not forget this section.

Once the cashback bonus has been posted, this amount can either be cashed out or played with. This is completely up to the player in this case. However, cashback bonuses are more and more often linked to turnover or bonus conditions. Even a maximum payout limit is specified. Despite all this, it must be said that it is free money, which is paid back to each player, partly.

Of course, this also happens out of marketing strategies to be able to keep a player in the online casino for a long time. However, we at BonusJungle wish that neither turnover requirements nor a maximum payout limit on any cashbacks is present. Here is an example of how a cashback bonus can look like:

  • 10% cashback bonus up to 500€

The best casino bonus at BonusJungle – always up to date

We always try to find the best casino bonus offers for our community and players. Of course, we do our best to search and find only reputable online casinos as well as offers. This includes exclusive casino bonuses that are not offered anywhere else. If an error should appear on this page or in our online casino reviews, this can be pointed out with the comment function.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How do I register at an online casino?

First of all, it is important to choose a good and reputable online casino. We at do not list thousands of online casinos, but selected casinos to give the player and visitor only the best. On you will find exactly these. Once you have chosen an online casino, the following data is important and must be observed:

    • Name and surname
    • Complete address
    • Cell phone number
    • E-mail address

After these data have been entered truthfully, the player account is opened. Often it is still necessary to confirm the player account via email or SMS with a confirmation link or code. Now the account is fully opened and you can start playing.

What impression does an online casino make on me?

Also through detailed experience and test reports on any online casinos on, each player and visitor should always make their own picture of an online casino. Impressions from outside are often more telling than a good casino test report. This is where the external appearance of an online casino comes into play. If the said online casino looks good from the built style and tidiness of the individual areas, so it should already make a positive impression.

Please note that there are many online casinos that look good from the structure, but consistently show fraudulent behavior. We at, always pay attention to good style and structure of an online casino. A clear online casino, is what makes an online casino.

What should I look for in an online casino?

There are several aspects that you should pay attention to in an online casino. The style and structure, as described above, should not be disregarded in any case. However, every player and visitor to has different tastes, of course. The first point or aspect should always be the gambling license. Pay attention that one from Malta, Curacao, England, Sweden or Germany be. Of course, there are still reputable online casino licenses outside this enumeration. But we at have deliberately chosen these.

Also important, the available payment methods. As explained in our Personal Checklist on our Casino Bonus page. Each player knows of course himself best with which payment methods he wants to deposit in an online casino. In our online casino reviews are always the current payment methods from the said online casino available. So no long Googling or searching.

What is of course important, the complete range of games. Only a good online casino has a large assortment of slots or slot machines, live casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat or game shows and if applicable sports betting. Each player and visitor should of course note in advance which games and slots he likes to play. But of course you should also be open to new gaming experiences.

Are there already experiences to this online casino?

On all listed online casinos are always equipped with a test report and experience. Note, like to look at experiences of other players, whether negative or positive. Despite all this, every player should always make their own picture of an online casino, as this is the best way to get to know an online casino properly.

Do I always have to pay out my balance?

If you have a lucky win in an online casino, you do not have to pay out the full amount after finishing the game. This is left to the player himself. Theoretically, you could, for example, withdraw half of it and continue playing with the other half the next day. This is not the case in gambling houses and casinos. Here, after closing, all funds must be completely paid out and taken with you. Again, a great advantage that only exists in online casinos.

From where can i play online casinos?

In online casinos you can play from anywhere, again a terrific advantage over gaming arcades or casinos. For example, if you have a long train ride and you are bored, you can simply get out your smartphone, tablet or laptop and make a few spins. Even if it’s only the demo mode, you’ll still be entertained, especially on longer trips, and the time will pass in no time.

Are some casinos really offering free money?

Online casinos with a free starting balance are always something special. Whether a free amount of money or free free spins. Online casinos use this as a pure advertising tool to attract more players and customers. The more attractive an online casino with free starting credits is, the more popular it is. This has shown us many online casinos in recent years very well.
In this case, you can really win money without having made a deposit. Of course, these free amounts or free spins are always linked to a turnover or bonus conditions. In most cases, this turnover is between 25 times and 50 times before a withdrawal can be requested. Often it also happens that online casinos for their free offers always provide a maximum payout amount.
This usually runs between 50 € and 500 €. A maximum payout limit is never something nice, but here you can definitely make the exception, since these are funds that are virtually given away by online casinos and everyone can try their luck.

Do I remain anonymous in online casinos?

Every player always remains anonymous in online casinos. This is also one of the main reasons why more and more players prefer to play in online casinos rather than in traditional gambling houses or casinos. But pay attention to the fact that there are still online casinos that even send mail home with bonus offers, free casino bonuses or free spins. But now these offers have become the absolute rarity. So if you do not want to be notified, you should always turn off the fields for email or mobile promotions.